Some kind remarks about me.

Tim is a pleasant , cooperative and reliable man, whose technical skills are impressively broad. He can turn his hand to anything technical and has done so to help solve my innumerable technical problems one encounters when confronted with new equipment such as the internet, a sound system, even a new washing machine.

I have full confidence that Tim, a man of integrity, will do a professional job at a reasonable price and feel lucky
that he makes himself available to me whenever I have called upon his help.

Vera 2015


I consider Mr Tim Beacham to be professional, reliable, and knowledgeable.  Whenever I have requested help from Tim during the past eight years with my computer installations, printers and other accessories, and also with any problems with the computer,  he has been helpful, competent, thoughtful, and efficient.

I have also been a student in his computer photography classes, which demonstrated his teaching abilities. He was always well prepared, and delivered excellent technical material about the processes involved in ensuring photos taken on digital cameras could be reproduced on PCs, transferred to DVDs, and organized  on the PC for successful retrievals.  Tim was easy to understand, and able to work with a group with little knowledge at the beginning,  which after 6 sessions had learned new skills regarding creating images on the computer derived from the camera, then editing those images and sending them off on email, and saving them into easily accessible files. He was consistently calm,  encouraging and patient with students aged beween  40 – 75, so that we all enjoyed the classes and became more confident and capable in transforming digital camera images into folders on our computers of edited and organized photos, able to be reproduced in key formats  for printers, email, or video

Whether solving IT issues for individuals such as myself, from an older age group, or conducting classes in computers and photography, or sharing vital knowledge about relevant community resources, Tim has demonstrated excellent people and problem solving skills.  He is also flexible in providing his IT expertise in different settings, such as in the home, or in community centres, and he is willing to meet the needs of consumers about best times for consultations, and has fee structures which take into account the person’s capacity to pay, for example if they are unemployed or ill, or on a pension.

In summary, I would recommend Tim as a person of integrity, as an ideal IT person to work with older consumers, on a one to one basis, or in groups. He is committed to developing solutions to recurring problems which older people such as myself experience, for example in password solutions and storage capacity of PCs.  I consider he  would also provide excellent consultancy services via webcams or skype to remote consumers.

Marg 2015